Key Priorities

Preserve Our Future

It’s about making positive change for El Dorado County by working with all our citizens to find practical solutions to our top issues.

Preserving Agriculture and Open Space

As a family rancher, I’m proud of our County’s Agricultural tradition. But that long tradition is at risk today. Our family farms, ranches, orchards, and vineyards are struggling to stay in business. In some cases government is the cause.

As their costs increase, their ability to support their farm and family decreases.  If our farmers and ranchers are forced to sell, their land is usually bought by developers to “plant the Final Crop” – Houses.

We have to ensure Agriculture remains viable in our County.

Oppose Burdensome Regulation

Over the last decade, environmental regulations have dramatically increased costs, in many cases increased cost with little benefit.


Oppose changes to water policy that endanger Agriculture. Without adequate and affordable water, our County’s agriculture simply won’t survive.


Solving The Spreading Fire Insurance Crisis

The growing risk of catastrophic fire is making fire insurance expensive and hard to find for many of us. I helped create local Fire Safe Councils to help prevent fires, found supplemental County funding for our community based fire districts to help fight fires, and worked with respected legislators like Senator Tim Leslie and Senator Rico Oller to reform our State’s flawed forest management policy by adopting better forest management practices like improved forest thinning and sustainable harvesting. I have already started working with our new Senator Brian Dahle and other legislators to solve this crisis but we have much work ahead of us.   

Short Term - Stabilize the Insurance Market

Stability – Insurance cancellations must be kept to a minimum, and must be justifiable. Homeowners must be notified far enough in advance to correct any issues. People doing their part shouldn’t be punished.

Long Term - Reduce Risks and Costs

We should investigate all options such as risk pools and regulatory action. Meanwhile, reducing the fire risk is paramount.

Tackling Homelessness

We must confront the growing homelessness problem. The Governor and legislature have recently budgeted one billion dollars to help local governments address this issue. 

Support Charities

This money should go to local charities and churches for realistic solutions to this complex problem rather than padding the budgets of County government agencies.

Support Necessary Services

A significant portion of our homeless population are affected by mental illness or substance abuse. We need to provide an adequate level of mental health and addiction services.


Community Based Fire Protection Districts

Our community based fire districts are more than just mere fire fighting agencies, they are the glue that holds their community together. I’m proud of my long record of support for our community based fire districts through County funded programs, like Aid to Fire, and helping with community fund raising efforts.

Funding our Fire Districts

Finding stable funding for our community based fire districts, without raising taxes, will be a top priority for me.

Common Sense Growth Policy

We need homes working families can afford, but we do not want to pave over our productive agricultural land that provides our food and open space. That is why I have only supported projects that fit our unique individual communities and NEVER voted for a project a community did not want.    

Support Growing Our County

Allow and encourage growth, both in terms of housing and enterprise where it makes sense.

Growth Without Gridlock

Build the infrastructure necessary to support growth while maintaining quality of life.  

Promoting Tourism

No industry requires fewer County resources then Tourism.  Folks come from out of town to visit our community, spend their money at local businesses, and leave. Our County offers visitors historical sites, agricultural delights, and outdoor recreational opportunities. Our local Tourism Industry generates millions of dollars and creates hundreds of jobs for County residents. 

Agricultural Tourism

I have been and will continue to be a strong supporter of our local wineries and Apple Hill businesses. 

Growing Tourism

As always, I will keep supporting workable programs that help attract tourist dollars and oppose job-killing proposals trying to increase regulation of this growing industry. 

Ensuring Fiscal Responsibility

Out of control spending is ruining our entire Country.   You can count on me to keep voting against these spending lobbies even if they threaten to recall me. Our children’s and grandchildren’s futures are too important.  

No New Taxes

We are all tired of our taxes being redirected away from their intended purpose. Enough of that. 

Keep The Budget Balanced

My record is clear – I helped balance 14 of 14 County budgets without raising taxes. That’s a winning streak that must continue.

Eliminate Waste, Fraud, & Abuse

Eliminating Government waste, fraud, and abuse goes hand-in-hand with ensuring fiscal responsibility. This is why I continue to oppose government boondoggles and overspending.

Boondoggles and Overspending

I voted against allowing County Administrators to buy and renovate the Logan Building property for lavish County Offices that were never used and wound up wasting millions of our tax dollars. 

Financial Transparency

Our County is implementing systems that will enable financial transparency. I support making our County’s financial data readily available. 

Making Government Work For Us

Government should be about serving us the citizens – not about padding retirements, imposing make-work programs, or building bureaucratic fiefdoms.  Too often regulatory agencies lose their focus, shifting their emphases from protecting the public to becoming fine collectors for the bureaucracy instead.  

Have An Issue? Call or Email Me

I have and will continue going to bat for local residents struggling with Federal, State, or County Bureaucracy. Seriously, if you need me, I will listen: raynutting@hughes.net or (530) 644-1728. 

Focus on Service

Some agencies created to provide services to help the public have transformed into full-time employment programs for administrators. Not if I can help it.

Respecting the Second Amendment

Our Second Amendment is the most misunderstood protection in our Constitution. Our Founding Fathers added it to the Constitution to guarantee individual Citizens, like you and I, the right to self-protection and self-defense. No government agency can detail a police officer to instantly protect you and your family 24 hours a day. 

Fair and Equitable CCW Policy

I introduced our County’s adopted Resolution on CCW’s in 2009, and will ensure that it remains in effect.

The Second Amendment is a Right

It’s not a privilege. We will not infringe upon it.

I pledge to be open and receptive to your, ideas, and issues and be your voice on El Dorado County Board of Supervisors

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